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Syria, Turkey begins to worry about militia coalitions in the north

Turkey begins to worry about militia coalitions in northern Syria. Ankara sends urgent reinforcements to posts in Idlib as far as the Aleppo border. It fears that TAF could be involved in the SLF-AZM conflict

Turkey begins to worry about internal warfare between militia coalitions in northern Syria and sends reinforcements to improve its defenses. In the past few hours, a convoy of military and logistical equipment for the TAF has arrived in Idlib, heading towards the south and east of the province. Objective: to strengthen the security of the posts in Zawiya and in the border areas with Aleppo. Ankara, in fact, fears that the fledgling alliances, the SLF and the AZM, may soon come into conflict with each other and also target the Turkish military. The first signs, however, have already been there. Three TAF soldiers were killed following the explosion of an IED on the Idlib-Benish road. The attack was claimed by the “Abu Bakr al-Siddiq” battalion.

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