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Syria, Turkey attacks Kurdistan directly again

Turkey attacks Kurdistan directly again. The targets are always the SDF positions in the Ain Issa area. This time it is the TAF artillery that hits. How will Russia react?

Turkey, after the air bombings on Sayda, attacks the SDF directly in Kurdistan again. This time the TAF used artillery. The target was some Arab-Kurdish forces posts in the Hawashan area (Ain Issa), which were hit by several rockets. In addition, there has been a new infiltration attempt by pro-Ankara militias. A “Suleiman Shah” group commando entered the village of Debes, killing seven members of the Raqqa Military Council, and then fled. The events confirm that the raids on Sayda are not isolated cases. It remains to be seen which will be the reaction of the international community and in particular of Russia, the guarantor of the truce in the quadrant. It is believed, in fact, that Turkey is preparing for an offensive in the region, despite the reassurances provided by Ankara in Moscow

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