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Syria, Turkey at Afrin heads towards Tal Rifaat. At Ghouta evacuations are going on

The Turkish troops at Afrin after having bombarded Tal Rifaat had to face the militia. However, Erdogan decides that Olive Branch should go ahead

Turkey in Syria found itself fighting against an unexpected enemy at Afrin. Several groups of rebels who had participated in the Euphrates Shield operation. This was a consequence of Olive Branch’s bombarding of Tal Rifaat. The action triggered off a protest, which led to armed clashes – still going on in the area. However, Ankara will continue to move on and win. At least according to the words of president Recep Tayyp Erdogan. Consequently, the next objectives of the TAF will be the military airport of Minnigh and Ash Shaykh’Isa, in order to enlarge the buffer zone till the Turkish border. At the same time, the FSA has assumed control over Berceke and Kushin, up to the northern border of the province of Aleppo between the Turkish observation points of Mount Simeon and Jabal Aqil. However, the Syrian army (SAA) remains aligned together with the pro-Assad forces at Nubl, Zahra and Mayr.

At eastern Ghouta rebels are continuing to be evacuated towards Idib. But Jaish al-Islam at Douma and Daesh in the south resist. Moreover, the Islamic State continues pressing

Meanwhile, at eastern Ghouta Both rebels and civilians are continuing to be evacuated towards Idlib. This in accordance with an agreement with Damascus, whereby over 7.000 persons should leave the area, in exchange for safe passage and liberation of the prisoners. The enclave, in fact, is gradually being emptied, to the extent that the Syrian army (SAA) is controlling about 70% and only two areas remain: Douma and the southern area where the refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk is situated. In the first the SAA is still negotiating with the local formation: Jaish al-Islam. In the second, there are numerous Islamic State structures and therefore it will be difficult to reach an agreement. The Daesh militia have no intention to surrender. Moreover, they are trying to advance at Qadam, moving westwards. While moving they are also launching mortar shells, which are striking the capital, causing victims among civilians.

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