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Syria, trials against ISIS militia who committed crimes in the East begin

Trials are starting in Syria against local ISIS militia who committed crimes in the East and the North. The People’s Defense Court has started prosecutions into 1,724 Islamic State jihadists out of 6,000 detainees in SDF camps

The People’s Defense Court has begun to process Syrian ISIS militants. Especially those from the north and east of the country, detained in the SDF camps between Hasaka, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Tabqa. The court has just completed the investigation of 1,724 elements of the 6,000 Islamic State that fall within its jurisdiction and has begun the prosecutions. In recent days there have been the first hearings with the records of the confessions of the Daesh defendants and the presentation of the accusations. If there have been no admissions, witness statements will prevail. Finally, the next session will see the judges impose the sentence. At the same time, the Court is also preparing an Appeal Court, to which the local convicts at first instance will be able to apply.

The chapter of foreign fighters, on the other hand, is more complicated. The Kurds are calling for the establishment of an international court or for the countries of origin to take back their citizens

Instead, processing Isis foreign fighters who committed crimes in eastern Syria is more complicated. The outcome of the negotiations with various foreign partners and organizations is expected to find out whether the proposal to establish an International Court has been accepted. The issue, however, is still open at the moment. In fact, no official and unambiguous position on the hypothesis has been assumed. Some countries support it, but others are against it. Especially since the Syrian and Kurd penal codes provide for the death penalty. Judgment to which many militiamen of the Islamic State would be condemned following the crimes committed in the Middle Eastern country. As a result, for now the foreign Daesh militiamen remain in the camps with the SDF who continue to ask the nations of origin to take back their citizens as an alternative to the institution of the Court.

Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm hit two more shots to Daesh. An IED factory destroyed in Hajin and a cell in Suwar dismantled. Moreover, some phones have been found with many contacts of terrorists still at large

Meanwhile, SDF has dealt more blows to Isis at Deir Ezzor with two operations. The first, in Hajin, saw Jazeera Storm discover and destroy an Islamic State improvised ordnance factory (IED) thanks to some information provided by the local population. The militants had hidden the laboratory inside a school. In the second, a Daesh cell in the Suwar area was dismantled. The jihadists were arrested in a building, inside which numerous weapons and explosives were found. But above all, some mobile phones with several contacts belonging to other IS elements still alive and active in the Syrian region. The information, in fact, was immediately turned to intelligence, which started a thorough investigation.

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