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Syria, three other Islamic State operatives captured in Raqqa

Three other Islamic State operatives captured in Raqqa. New raid by SDF and Inherent Resolve to dismantle the pro-ISIS leadership and logistic network in the East Syria

The Islamic State in Syria loses three more high-level operatives. They were captured by the SDF with the support of Inherent Resolve in the Raqqa region. They are Hussein Khalil al Hussein, the facilitator Mohammad Al-Rawi and the leader of a pro-ISIS cell, Addul Jabbar Emad Mukhlif. Furthermore, another leading figure in the formation was arrested in Deir Ezzor, whose personal details have not been disclosed. It is only certain that he was expert in providing intelligence information to jihadists for planning attacks. The raids are part of a campaign recently launched by Kurdish forces against IS, born after the “Retaliation For Raqqa Martyrs” operation, which led to the capture of about 130 militiamen in the eastern region.

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