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Syria, the war between Turkey’s allied militias also moves to the East

The war between Turkey’s allied militias also moves to the East. Clashes between pro-HTS groups north of Aleppo. Everyone wants more space and resources

The internal war between the pro-Turkish militias from Idlib also moves east towards Kurdistan. In recent days, there have been violent clashes between two groups belonging to Jaysh al-Sharqiy in the Jinderis area north of Aleppo. It is not clear what the triggering cause was, but it is certain that the battle went on for a few hours and was only interrupted after the mediation intervention of another formation. The escalation is further confirmation of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s (HTS) weakness. The Qaedists are no longer able to maintain control of Syrian minor groups, increasingly nervous and in search of space. These, however, are short of resources and do not hesitate to attack their own coalition comrades if they try to steal them or obstruct plans to recover them in other ways.

The SDF strengthen themselves on the M4 in Kurdistan, while they hunt down the logisticians of the Islamic State

Meanwhile, in Kurdistan the SDF are strengthening their presence in Afrin and at the same time they continue the hunt for the cells of the Islamic State, from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor. On the first side, they fear that the pro-Turkey militias may attempt new attacks to take control of the M4 in the quadrant or raid the villages of the Syrian region. On the second, they work together with Inherent Resolve both against operational IS groups and against their logistics and support networks. In recent days, nine jihadists have been captured in Al Ozba (Deir Ezzor) in two separate operations. In addition to carrying out attacks, the terrorists provided money and equipment to local cells. In addition, they took care of transferring men to the quadrant.

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