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Syria, the war between the SDF and Isis along the Euphrates continues

The war between the SDF and Isis continues along the Euphrates, from Deir Ezzor to Raqqa. Jazeera Storm dismantles other cells of the Islamic State and the jihadists respond with bombs and IEDs

The war between the SDF and ISIS continues in the East of Syria along the Euphrates. Jazeera Storm launched a massive operation at the village of Al Zawr to block an Islamic State cell that had infiltrated Deir Ezzor. The Arab-Kurdish forces carried out another blitz east of Raqqa, capturing an entire group of militants. Daesh’s response was some bomb attacks in the region, which caused deaths and injuries both to the enemy and to the population. The jihadists in some cases detonated IED, as in Saada (south of Hasakah), Hawaij and in the village of Hamrat Buwaytiyah. In others they used car bombs or grenades (Al-Kassrat south of Raqqa). The increase in attacks, however, confirms that the SDF have hit the terrorists in real life with the latest operations and that they feel strongly threatened.

Daesh continues to target the Syrian army (SAA) west of Deir Ezzor. A sort of militia offensive against Damascus soldiers is underway in the Mayadeen area

Isis, meanwhile, continues to target the Syrian army (SAA) west of Deir Ezzor. In recent days, the SAA has suffered numerous attacks by the Islamic State in the Mayadeen area. The aim of the militia is to open new routes to the East, through the Euphrates, to reach Shahil or Busayrah. It is here, in fact, that the SDF carry out continuous operations following large concentrations of jihadists, which periodically flow from the west. Daesh must quickly find an escape route from the desert of Badia al-Sham, as the group is now isolated and threatened, and the only one still partially active is the one to the east that points towards Iraq. As a result, the terrorists launched a sort of offensive with the hope of opening a secure corridor.

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