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Syria, the war between SAA and Isis in Badia gets to the heart

The war between SAA and Isis in Badia gets to the heart. The IS jihadists go on the counterattack despite the Russian raids

The war between the Syrian army (SAA) and Isis in the Badia desert gets to the heart. The IS jihadists, after having suffered waves of Russian raids and an offensive by the military, react by attacking soldiers in al-Rahjan, east of Hama. The clashes are still ongoing, although it seems that the militiamen have begun to retreat. This is mainly thanks to the intervention of the Moscow fighters, which are bombing the area to provide close air support (CAS) to the troops on the ground. Their use, however, had already been seen massively in recent days with over 170 strikes in 72 hours. Despite this, the terrorists have increased attacks across the quadrant, moving from one defensive posture to another offensive.

Meanwhile, Damascus increases the pressure between Hama and Idlib. But always at a distance. Attempts to infiltrate by local militias are increasing

In parallel, the Syrian army has also increased the bombing of the militias between Idlib and Hama. This is after some attempts to infiltrate by local jihadists. In particular, the SAA has targeted Al-Faterah, Kansafrah, Sfuhen, Bayanin, Qulaydin and Al-Ankawi (Sahl Al-Ghab). At the moment, however, the announced invasion of land by the soldiers to conquer Barah is not yet in sight. The increasing presence of Turkish forces with the observation points in Zawiya, in fact, made it more difficult to move. Furthermore, Ankara-sponsored groups have become more aggressive. Not only with artillery attacks, but also with attempts to ambush and infiltrate enemy territory. As a result, Damascus was forced to fight at a distance, in order not to lose the necessary resources to thwart possible attacks from behind.


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