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Syria, the US will continue to support the SDF against the Islamic State

The US will continue to support the SDF against the Islamic State. The population, who feared a new Afghanistan, now is reassured. Furthermore, the ex-ISIS jihadists will have to revise their plans

The United States will remain in Syria to support the SDF in the war against the Islamic State and to block Turkey’s attempts to expand in the east of the Middle Eastern country. Ilham Ahmed, chairman of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), confirmed this to Reuters. The US will also contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure in the region and to facilitate dialogue with Damascus. Confirmation of support is an important element both for the population, who feared being abandoned especially after seeing what happened in Afghanistan, and for the SDF. The same jihadists of the Islamic State had begun to raise their heads, convinced that a withdrawal or in any case a reduction of foreign troops was in the pipeline. From today, however, they have to revise their plans

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