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Syria, the US strengthens its presence against ISIS and Turkey threats

United States strengthens its presence in Syria. The 500 soldiers in Deir Ezzor are joined by others in Tirbaspi. Objective: to protect the oil fields from Isis. Especially after the appointment of al-Qureyshi as new Caliph. Furthermore, a deterrent effect is created against Turkey, which continues to attack Kurds and SAA

The US strengthens their presence in Syria. This was due to the risks of ISIS revenge for the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Turkey’s failure to comply with the Peace Spring deal. The TAF are fighting the Damascus army(SAA) in Ras al-Ain and continue to attack Kurdish targets not foreseen in the agreement. It is no coincidence that a few hours ago an American military convoy entered the north-eastern part of the country in Tirbaspi and sided in the area in agreement with the SDF. This is in addition to the approximately 500 soldiers sent to Deir Ezzor. Objective for all: to protect oil fields, formally from the likely revenge of Daesh. Especially after the appointment of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi as new Caliph. The situation in the Middle Eastern nation is rapidly becoming complicated and there is an increasing risk of an escalation.

CENTCOM confirms the risks of a Daesh revenge following the al-Baghdadi death

The danger of Isis in Syria and elsewhere, meanwhile, is far from being averted. General Kenneth McKenzie, head of CENTCOM (the US military command for all operations), explained that ”despite the death of al-Baghdadi, the terrorist organization is still very dangerous. Daesh will probably try to launch an attack of revenge – he said during a press conference in which further details were provided on the operation against the self-proclaimed Islamic State Caliph -. We are ready”. Hence the choice to send American soldiers back to Deir Ezzor to protect the oil fields. The troops, moreover, will also be able to help SDF both in the field of offensive operations against IS and to protect key infrastructures. Like the prisons in which the jihadists are imprisoned, primarily that of Al-Hol.

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