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Syria, the US military will return to Raqqa

The US military will return to Raqqa. Local Sources: Will be deployed in the city and at the 17th Division base. Objective: to protect the area from the probable invasion of Turkey in Syrian Kurdistan

US military forces return to Raqqa. This was revealed by local sources, adding that the American soldiers will soon be deployed again in the city and at the base of the 17th division to the north. Objective: to protect the area from Turkey’s probable land invasion of Syrian Kurdistan. Meanwhile an unnatural calm remains throughout the quadrant apart from a few exchanges of artillery and missile fire further north, towards the border. The areas most involved continue to be Aleppo (Kobani) and Hasaka (Qamishli). The stop to the clashes, however, could end at any moment. In fact, some analysts fear that Ankara’s new ground operation could begin by the end of the year and that the apparent calm period will only serve the TAF to stock up on ammunition and organize itself in view of a violent offensive, which should cover the placing troops in the area of operations.

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