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Syria, the US in the field to stop the clashes north of Hasaka

The US in the field to stop the clashes north of Hasaka. American soldiers patrol the contact line between SDF, TAF and allied militias. Objective: to prevent attacks on the population. Meanwhile, the hunt for ex ISIS continues

The United States enters the field to de-escalate the tension between the SDF and the pro-Turkey militias north of Hasaka. They do so by patrolling the contact line at Tel-Tamer. A convoy of six armored vehicles left the village of Qasrik and passed through al-Dardara, al-Fakka and Mujebrat al-Zarkan. Objective: to stop the launch of rockets and artillery shells by the TAF and allied groups, which are killing many civilians and generating flows of displaced persons. Meanwhile, Kurdish forces have launched a new operation to dismantle the Islamic State cells operating in the area. After the complex attack on al-Sina’a prison, there are fears that there may be new actions by pro-ISIS jihadists, exploiting the ongoing conflict against Turkish soldiers and allied militias.

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