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Syria, the US attack a senior al Qaeda leader in the North East

The US hit a senior al Qaeda leader in the North East. The SOHR reports a strike in Qorqaniya (Idlib), which caused the death of a man

A senior al Qaeda leader has been targeted in Syria by the United States. His fate is not clear at the moment, but CENTCOM, the central command for US military operations, has confirmed a unilateral strike in the north-west of the southern country. The attack therefore presumably took place in Idlib or in the northern quadrant of Aleppo. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports a strike in Qorqaniya (Idlib) with a farm in the city hit by several missiles, which allegedly caused the death of an unidentified man.

The anonymity strategy of the pro-ISIS group and leaders is not working. Indeed, it is counterproductive

Several prominent commanders of the Islamic State in various areas of the nation had recently been eliminated in Syria. They were all essentials for pro-ISIS jihadists. Furthermore, the Turkish authorities have recently announced the death of the Caliph IS: Abu al-Hussein al-Husseini al-Qurashi, in office for just six months. The latest American attacks confirm the futility of the anonymity strategy, which the leaders of the two groups have adopted to reduce the risk of being traced and killed. The only ones who are confused are their men, who now act in a disorderly fashion independently and not always with converging interests, as they lack a guide.

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