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Syria, the Turkish forces at Afrin are at a step from the SAA

Olive Branch is very close to the SAA. If they were to enter in contact, there would be the risk if a second was between Syrian and Turkey

The Turkish forces and the FSA at Afrin have reached at a shot from the Syrian army (SAA) in the province. Olive Branch in the last hours has chased YPG/SDF out of Barad and now only Burj al Qas is between them and the troops the the SAA, lined up at Nubl and Zahra. Moreover, social media have said that the Ankara artillery is bombarding government targets of Damascus in the area and at Tal Rifaat. It seems that also the pro-Assad militia have attacked the village of Kanyar, where the Olive Branch’s equipments are. At present, however, there has been no official confirmation regarding both episodes. In the area however pressure is very high. There is fear in-fact that the two contenders will shortly clash. If this occurs, it would probably trigger off a hit and reply mechanism which would end in a real and true battle between the two countries.

Damascus bombs eastern Ghouta and Idib. Moreover, the Syrian army is trying to ward off the Islamic State at Qadam

Meanwhile, at eastern Ghouta Damascus is continuing to bombard the areas controlled by the rebels. From Ghouta to Zarasta, going through Irbin and Zamalka. At the same time, the Syrian army is carrying on the ground offensive at Ayn Tarma and is concluding the last preparations for the invasion of some of the areas in the enclave. Moreover, they have rejected a counterattack from Jaish Islam at Misraba and are trying to ward off the Islamic State at Qadam. Daesh, as a matter of fact, has conquered a great part of the district south of the capital and is still advancing, after having killed many soldiers. Besides this, the militia have imposed their law within the refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk, to a point that in the last hours they have executed two persons accusing them of apostasy. In parallel, the SAA attack the rebels also south of Idib, to prevent these to push forward towards Hama and expand their area of influence.

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