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Syria, the Turkish forces are at the doors of Afrin and the SAA push forward in Ghouta

The Turkish troops and the FSA take Kafrshil, Al-Nira, Hill 717 and Maarata. The Shi’ite pro-government militia, however, bombard Olive Branch at Marea

The Turkish forces in Syria and the allies of FSA arrive at the doors of Afrin. The troops of Olive Branch conquered Kafrshil, Al-Nira, Hill 717 and Maarata arriving at a step from the Kurdish city. In parallel the Ankara air fighters are continuing to bombard civilians in an effort to weaken the defense lines of the YPG/SDF. For the time being, moreover, they have managed to prevent the enemy to isolate the residential area. In fact, there is still an open corridor in the south. Meanwhile it seems that the Syrian army (SAA) and the pro-Assad militia have got into action to defend the Kurdish population. The pro-Assad militia declare that they have bombed Turkish and FSA emplacements in the area of Marea. The action could be in reply to the air raid of the TAF on the road to Afrin, which cost the life of 8 fighters near one of the check points.

Damascus carries on with raids on eastern Ghouta and at Hammorya the use of gas is suspected. In the meantime, Red Crescent evacuates the sick and the injured from Douma

At Ghouta the SAA continue to carpet-bomb, mainly in the area between Irbin, Zamalka, Saqba and Batna. Moreover, the Syrian army is fighting against the rebel forces at Jisrin, but the city still hasn’t been conquered. The militaries of Assad have also launched an offensive at Hammorya, after the residential area had been subject to several air raids. Some sources have reported that after the air raids there have been about twenty cases of suffocation, but also in this case there has been no official confirmation. Meanwhile, a convoy of Red Crescent entered Douma and succeeded in evacuating 24 between sick and injured. They will be transported to Damascus where they will be cured adequately. Yesterday 147 civilians were evacuated from the area of the conflict, thanks to an agreement between Russia and the Islamic Army.

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