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Syria, the Turkish forces and the SAA exchange artillery fire at Afrin

The Turkish forces – FSA and the Syrian army exchange artillery fire at Nubl. Meanwhile Olive Branch moves southwards

At Afrin the Turkish forces and the FSA have had an exchange of artillery fire with the Syrian army (SAA) in the area of Nubl, north of Aleppo. This occurred after Olive Branch had conquered 3 more villages, previously in the hands of the SAA and got even nearer to the soldiers of Damascus. The distance between the two forces is even less. Just one only place divides the respective troops: Burj al Qas. The soldiers of Ankara and the militia also continue to push southwards. They have taken control of some areas, among which Baay and Basufan, arriving at the suburbs of Kbasin and near Fafertin. Once they have taken this area too, they will have reached the Turkish observation point at Jabal Aqil. Meanwhile, the local population – which had escaped during the conflict between Olive Branch and YPG/SDF – is gradually returning to their houses in Afrin. However, many complained that these had been looted.

At eastern Ghouta civilians and rebels are being evacuated from Harasta. Soon the SAA will arrive. The soldiers, however, are not succeeding in chasing Daesh out of Qadam

At the same time, thousands of persons are fleeing from eastern Ghouta, as a result of the ground invasion by the Syrian army. Among these there are many injured, evacuated with buses. The first convoy, carrying about 1,500 local residents, left Harasta in the last hours. Also the rebels, apparently after an agreement with the SAA, are leaving the city. By the end of the day the troops of Damascus should enter and officially take over the city. In the meantime, there have been new raids on Douma, Irbin and Ayn Tarma. Shortly after – according to various sources – this last city was conquered by the army. The situation in Qadam, instead, where the Islamic State controls the greatest part of the district and is advancing, remains unchanged. The soldiers launched counterattacks against Daesh, but these were rejected, and they themselves were attacked.

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