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Syria, the Third World War was averted by a whisker

In Syria on 14th April we really risked a Third World War. The Pentagon had given Trump 3 options: to destroy the air defenses of Damascus, to hit Russian and Iranian targets or a limited and circumscribed action

In Syria on 14 April there really was the risk of setting off a Third World War. The Pentagon in fact gave president Donald Trump 3 options for the joint attack with UK and France against Bashar al-Assad’s regime. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal, quoting sources familiar with the matter. One was to completely destroy any ability of anti-air defense of Damascus. The second was to hit Iranian and Russian targets. The third one, which was the option actually adopted, was a limited and circumscribed action aimed at secondary targets. For example a research lab, a military base and a gun warehouse. And moreover, warning whoever happened to be in the area, in order to prevent causing victims and collateral damage. Indeed it was a purely demonstrative action, of which the consequences at political and diplomatic level will be limited and will not affect the relations between the United States and Russia significantly.

If the Usa, France and the UK had chosen one of the first two options, a total war would have been difficult to avoid

However, what would have happened if Trump had chosen one of the first two options? The operation of destruction of the air defenses of Damascus would have definitely been different from the one chosen. In order to achieve this goal an attack at least three times greater than the one adopted. In other words the use of more than 300 missiles, plus more aircrafts and ships. Therefore, a greater ability of joint coordination between Usa, UK and France to establish specific targets, difficult to reach in such a short time. Without counting that there was no guarantee that all the targeted areas were free from Russian structures. In case there were collateral damages, in all probability Moscow would have reacted and nothing could have stopped the escalation. The second option on Syria was even worse. If Trump had decided to hit Russian and Iranian targets, these would have certainly reacted on a large scale. At that point a Third World War would have been difficult to avoid.

Meanwhile, the Usa confirm that they will leave Syria as soon as possible. The White House contradicts Macron

However, the Usa vill leave Syria “as soon as possible”. This was confirmed by the White House, in answer to a declaration of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, who said that he had convinced Trump to leave the troops in the middle eastern country. “The mission has not changed – underlined Sarah Sanders, the spokesman-. We are determined to completely crush Daesh and to create the conditions to prevent it to return. Moreover, we expect our allies and partners to take over more economic and financial responsibilities to make the area more secure”. Macron declared when interviewed by the BMF TV talking of Trump that “we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay longer. We also convinced him that it was necessary to limit the attacks with chemical weapons, while there was an escalation through a series of tweets which cannot have been missed. “ Actually, Macron added “We have not declared war to Assad’s regime”.

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