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Syria, the third Russia-Turkey joint patrol on the M4 has failed

The third joint Russia-Turkey patrol attempt on the M4 also failed. The convoy, escorted by drones, entered Idlib and arrived in Naryab. But then it has been forced to go back

Nothing is done even for the third joint Russia-Turkey patrol on the M4. The convoy, which left from the village of Tarnbah, had to go back to the height of Nayrab due to protests from the population, which had organized blockades on the road. This confirms that Ankara’s attempts at mediation with local militias in Idlib have not yet borne fruit. On the other hand, the same convoy, entered only for a short distance within the Syrian province, had been escorted by Moscow drones. Objective: to prevent possible ambushes by jihadists. These continue to threaten attacks on Federation troops if they venture into the quadrant. The vehicles, in fact, managed to get to Nayrab only because there is a large array of TAF in the city, as well as a fixed garrison. Not surprisingly, the next stretch of road still remains taboo.

Moscow, exhausted the patience with Ankara for the situation in Idlib, supports the maxi operation of Damascus in the province. Erdogan will soon be forced to make an important decision

Russia, however, has now run out of patience with Turkey and is preparing to adopt alternative solutions on Idlib. In particular, it’s providing support to Damascus for an imminent Syrian army (SAA) maxi operation against militias in the province. The maneuvers move on two axes: north of Hama and Saraqeb. In last few days, SAA received numerous reinforcements in the area. Meanwhile, Moscow’s fighters carry out daily reconnaissance missions all over the quadrant. This puts Ankara in great difficulty and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is likely to be forced to make an important decision soon. To resume support for local jihadists, almost eliminated after the agreement with Moscow, or discharge them. In the first case, Turkey will go against the Federation. In the second, it will loose the support of a precious ally and create a new enemy. Probably much more dangerous than the SAA and close to the border.

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