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Syria, the tension between the pro-Turkish militias in Aleppo is still growing

The tension between the pro-Turkish militias in Aleppo is still growing. Clashes in al-Bab between al-Hamza Division and Jaysh al-Ahfad. Only a few hours ago there was a battle in Tel Sha’eer. Meanwhile, resources are still dwindling

The internal war between pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria is further intensifying. In particular in Aleppo where there are a series of cross-arrests between members of the al-Hamza Division and Jaysh al-Ahfad in al-Bab. The tension is increasing, as confirmed by a clash between groups close to the TAF, which took place in the past few hours in Tel Sha’eer (Jarablus). The battle, dismissed by armed groups as a simple showdown between two families, was actually something different. It is no coincidence that a curfew has been imposed and there are several wounded among the factions in the area. The object of the dispute is always the same: the resources distributed by Ankara to local allies. These are increasingly scarce and are no longer enough to meet the needs of the militias, especially the smaller ones. In addition, Iran has launched a massive recruitment campaign, which risks draining men from groups and causing them to lose further weight.

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