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Syria, the situation is critical for Daesh. In particular at Deir Ezzor

The situation for Daesh in Syria is critical. Mainly at Deir Ezzor, where the Isis militiamen are pressed by SDF-SAA and torn by internal fighting

The situation for Daesh in Syria is critical. This is confirmed on the one hand by the operations carried out by the SDF of Jazeera Storm (Cizire Storm) together with the Damascus army (SAA). On the other hand by the constant internal attacks against the Islamic State, which lead to real battles, deaths, surrenders and desertions. In the first case the Arab-Kurdish forces are carrying out an offensive in the area of Hajin at Deir Ezzor. At the same time, the SAA launched a surprise attack against Isis in the Hamad (Badija), regaining a great part of the territory and chasing the jihadists further west. Furthermore they are fighting them at Yarmouk near the capital. They are joined by the ISF which monitor the border between Syria and Iraq to prevent escapes or infiltrations, and also carry out periodical raids in the country against stations and command centers of the militiamen. The last took place only a few days ago in the area of Dashisha.

Inside the Islamic State the morale is really down. Salaries have not been paid, clashes between local and foreign fighters are growing and the leaders are running away

However, Daesh is torn also and mainly by internal fighting. According to what was written on Twitter by general Felix Gedney, the vice commander of the Inherent Resolve operation, the Islamic State is “collapsing from within”. The high officer explained that the jihadists “are not paid and their morale is running very low.” Not only. “There are frictions between local militiamen and foreign fighters”. The Isis leaders “are fleeing”. The situation, therefore, can only get worse. According to the forecasts there will be more series of mass escapes and surrenders. Especially at Deir Ezzor. This because the SDF are tightening the containment lines and by doing this they are restricting the circle even more around them, and pressing is increasing. The forces of Jazeera Storm, in-fact, are working to lock the fundamentalists in three isolated and separate blocks. Depriving them of any access to the border with Iraq. Once this is done, it will be easier to surround and neutralize them.

The Tweet by General Gedney  on Isis collapse in Syria

The ISF attack against Islamic State at Dashisha (Deir Ezzor) on May 6

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