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Syria, the silent war between Russia and Iran in Deir Ezzor continues

The silent war between Russia and Iran in Deir Ezzor continues. Objective: to increase one’s own sphere of influence in Syria, at the same time reducing that of the other. The weapons are recruitment and humanitarian assistance

The silent war between Russia and Iran continues in Syria, based on attracting the local population. Both countries, through their allied militias, try to “steal” possible recruits from the other, especially in the Deir Ezzor area. The pro-Tehran groups offer economic benefits and study courses even for the little ones. Those linked to Moscow, on the other hand, distribute food and winter clothes to families and have co-opted some local personalities to support their “patrons” in public. The goal for both nations is to increase their influence in the quadrant, while reducing that of an “uncomfortable” competitor. It is no coincidence that only a few days ago the pro-Russia militias entered the area of ​​the “Seven Villages” (Hatlah, Murat, Mazloum, Khasham, TAl-Tabiyah, Al-Salihiyah and Al-Husseinieh), the prerogative of the allied groups of Iran, for a “humanitarian assistance” operation.

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