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Syria, the SDF-Turkey conflict north of Hasaka does not stop

The SDF-Turkey conflict north of Hasaka does not stop. At the moment it is a “war of position” and at a distance, but it could evolve. US and Russia work to stop the TAF and allied Syrian militias before it’s too late

The silent war between the SDF and Turkey north of Hasaka does not stop. The TAF and the allied militias continue to bomb the villages in the area with artillery. The last to be affected were l-Rabiyat, Tel Al-Ward and Al-Abboush, in addition to Umm al-Khair and al Qouzliyah. However, there have been no new attempts of land attack in the Syrian province, after those rejected by the Kurdish forces at the end of December 2021. At the moment it is a sort of “war of position”, but it could transform quickly. Meanwhile, the United States and Russia are trying to de-escalate the situation. They do this in two ways: on the one hand with patrol activities and exercises in the respective portions of the areas affected by the Ankara offensive. This is in order to stop the attacks. On the other, with diplomatic activities on the ground. In fact, in recent days, meetings with military and tribal exponents have multiplied.

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