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Syria, the SDF: The battle against Isis in Baghuz Fawqani is essentially over

SDF spokesman Kino Gabriel: The battle against Isis in Baghuz Fawqani is essentially over. It only takes a little time to eliminate the last Islamic State militiamen in the tent city at Deir Ezzor

The battle of the SDF at the ISIS tent city in Deir Ezzor is essentially over. The spokesman for Syrian fighters, Kino Gabriel, announced this to Al-Hadath, explaining that there is only a little time left to finish the last militiamen of the Islamic State. Most of the anti-Daesh offensive, in fact, has so far taken place with artillery, fighters from the International Coalition and snipers of Jazeera Storm. The ground forces were limited, instead, to belt the area in order to avoid possible escape attempts or jihadist attacks from behind. Thanks to the “remote” actions, the main objectives and the IS logistics network in the quadrant were destroyed. Now it remains to eliminate the last irreducible terrorists, still hidden in the tunnels and among the tents in Baghuz Fawqani. These, however, are few and have no more resources. As a result, the province could be declared free by the end of the week.

Confirmation that Daesh lost the war against Jazeera Storm comes from Hasakah. From here a convoy of trucks departed with equipment and materials for reconstruction in the Syrian province

The confirmation that the end of Isis in Deir Ezzor will take place in a very short time comes from Hasakah. From here a long convoy of trucks with logistics equipment and various materials has just departed. It will serve to begin rebuilding the province once it is declared free by the Islamic State. Meanwhile, in Iraq the Army and the Hashd Al-Sha’abi shiite militia have sent reinforcements west of Anbar. The goal is to reinforce the borders with Syria by sealing it. This is because the Daesh terrorists fleeing SDF are trying to enter the country via the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). Meanwhile, these continue to suffer losses. In the past few hours at least forty were killed by Jazeera Storm in Baghuz Fawqani and dozens of others surrendered to the Arab-Kurd forces.

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