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Syria, the SDF target Isis killer cells in the East

The SDF are targeting Isis killer cells in Eastern Syria. After Deir Ezzor, the Arab-Kurdish forces and Inherent Resolve press the IS jihadists also south of Hasaka. Objective: to stop the wave of targeted homicides of tribal leaders

New anti-Isis operation of the SDF south of Hasaka. Objective: to neutralize the jihadist cells in the quadrant. The maneuvers mainly involved the regions of a Markada and Dashisha and hundreds of soldiers of the Arab-Kurdish forces, with the support of Inherent Resolve. Result: the arrest of several IS groups, whose numbers have not been provided. According to local sources, the terrorists were focused on targeting the tribal leaders of the Syrian province in order to fuel the chaos. Only a few days ago in Busayrah (Deir Ezzor) four militiamen, specialized in targeted homicides and bomb making, were captured. They killed tribal and civil society leaders, as well as some SDF members by ambushes on motorcycles.

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