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Syria, the SDF take back the Sina’a prison in Gwayran from the Islamic State

The SDF take back the Sina’a prison in Gwayran from the Islamic State. Operation People Hammer successfully concluded: approximately 1,000 pro-ISIS jihadists arrested. Kurdish forces and Inherent Resolve are now studying how to prevent new attacks

The SDF siege of the Sina’a prison in Gwayran (Gweran, Hasaka) is over. The Kurdish forces, with the collaboration of Inherent Resolve, have taken full control of the structure from the militiamen of the Islamic State. During the “People Hammer” operation, around a thousand people were also arrested, including prisoners and external terrorists, believed to be involved in the surprise attack on January 20. Now, however, there are fears of a revenge by pro-ISIS jihadists or attempts to emulate them in other fields. As a result, security has been increased in all prisons and detention facilities in the Syrian region. Furthermore, the SDF and the Coalition have begun to study a strategy to prevent possible future similar events. The IS raid, in fact, was unexpected as it was believed to have neutralized the entire cell that was planning it at the end of December 2021. The evolution of events, however, has shown that it was only a part.

Photo Credits: SDF

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