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Syria, the SDF surprisely attack Isis at Sha’Fah and advance in the city

The SDF offensive against Isis in Sha’fah started surprisingly. Jazeera Storm has already expelled the Islamic State from part of the city and moves towards the center

The SDF land offensive against Isis in Sha’Fah started. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops launched a surprise attack, expelling the Islamic State militiamen from the Faithful Mosque and other areas of the stronghold. Meanwhile, the Coalition’s fighters and artillery are bombarding Daesh posts inside the city. The jihadists did not expect action and found themselves unprepared. In fact, these have yielded a lot of territory within a few hours and withdrew to the south. Some of them, however, fled to the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) while others surrendered to the Syrian fighters. At the same time, south axis of the maneuvers at Deir Ezzor points towards Shajlah. Once the area is taken, the Arab-Kurdish forces will move towards Safafinah and Marashidah, with a final stop in Susah. Here also Iraqi Air Force and Sand Hippos are helping to destroy IS defenses.

The conquest of Sha’Fah is strategic against Daesh: it will divide the Deir Ezzor territories controlled by the jihadists in two. Furthermore, it confirms that their defensive lines have collapsed and there is no more leadership or coordination

The SDF conquest of Shafah is strategic in the fight against Isis in Deir Ezzor. It will divide the territory still controlled by the Islamic State in the Syrian province into two and as a result, it will be easier to attack and defeat the jihadists. By now the Daesh defense lines have collapsed in much of the MERV. This follows the arrests, killings and escapes of militia leaders. In fact, they no longer have coordination and fight in a disordered way. Moreover, in many, as soon as they see that the situation is coming to their disadvantage, abandon the battlefields leaving their comrades at the mercy of the enemy. In fact, strongholds like Hajin fell faster than expected and Jazeera Storm’s advance proceeds with limited obstacles. What will have to be done after releasing the quadrant will be to clean up all the cities from the IS dormant cells. Work has begun, but it will be long.

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