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Syria, the SDF stop the most important ISIS cell between Tabqa-Raqqa

The SDF stopped the most important ISIS cell that operated between Tabqa and Raqqa. The jihadists of the Islamic State were specialized in targeted killings

The SDF have dismantled the most important ISIS cell operating between Tabqa and Raqqa, in eastern Syria. The special forces of Jazeera Storm (HAT), in a targeted blitz, arrested the six members of the group, responsible for numerous murders. The militiamen of the Islamic State did not only target Arab-Kurdish fighters, but also the population and notables in the two cities. For example, on April 24, they had assassinated the head of the conciliation council of the clans in Tabqa, Abdullah al-Modahi (aka Abu Mohammed al-Edwani). The Daesh killers, led by Abed al-Rehman (aka Abu Mohammed al-Homsi), have already confessed their crimes. Furthermore, they explained their modus operandi to intelligence. From how they procured and transported explosives to how the choice of targets and the planning of the attacks were made.

A large anti-Daesh operation is underway in Deir Ezzor, in the Busayrah area

Meanwhile, a massive operation is underway in Deir Ezzor to neutralize a group of ISIS militants. North of Busayrah numerous SDF reinforcements have arrived and the fighters of the Global Coalition are flying over the area. At the moment there are no further details, but it is very likely that a blitz is underway o imminent to find an Islamic State cell. This, together with Shahil and Dhiban, in fact, is one of the main points in which Daesh jihadists infiltrate in eastern Syria through the Euphrates. The militiamen come from the desert of Badia Al-Sham, between Deir Ezzor and Homs, where there is a large terrorist resistance pocket that the Syrian army (SAA) has never fought.

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