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Syria, the SDF return to Shahil to stop a new ISIS cell

The SDF return to Shahil to stop a new ISIS cell. Similar operations also underway in Busayrah and Dhiban. The three cities are the main entry point for the Islamic State in the east of Deir Ezzor

The SDF return to Shahil to dismantle a new ISIS cell. In the past few hours at least ten Jazeera Storm armored vehicles have surrounded the city at Deir Ezzor to clean it from a group of Islamic State militiamen, who had recently infiltrated the Euphrates. The maneuvers, still in progress, have already seen the capture of numerous Daesh jihadists. Arab-Kurdish forces control every single building, while the International Coalition provides close aero support (CAS) to ground troops. Similar operations have begun in Busayrah and Dhiban. This is, in fact, the main triangle through which terrorists access the East of the Syrian province. This, despite the area to the west of the Euphrates is controlled by the army of Damascus (SAA). The SAA, however, does not have enough soldiers to monitor the entire sector. Moreover, it is targeted by IS especially further north, in the direction of Mayadeen.

Daesh, just across the Euphrates, moves along the Shaddadi Road. Some militiamen remain in the initial bases, others travel inland. Jazeera Storm, in fact, must periodically return to the same places

The ISIS militiamen, once crossed the Euphrates, move on the Shaddadi Road. The goal is to reach the inhabited centers along the road, which become their starting point. Some then leave for other locations inland in Deir Ezzor (traveling only at night to reduce the risk of being discovered by SDF). Others, however, remain to organize and carry out attacks against local targets. Following this, Jazeera Storm must periodically return to Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban, to neutralize the jihadists of the Islamic State, who arrived after the last operations. For Daesh, in fact, the one in eastern Syria is the only way out of the country. As a result, the flows of terrorists show no sign of abating. Indeed, IS is looking for new routes to prevent its men from being intercepted by the enemy.

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