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Syria, the SDF resume to advance against Isis at Deir Ezzor

The SDF resumed their progress against Isis in Sha’Fah, after rejecting the counterattack of the jihadists. The bad weather should be over and it’s expected an acceleration of the maneuvers against the Islamic State

The SDF resumed their progress against Isis in Sha’fah, after the militia had launched a counterattack using fog and rain. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops first blocked and rejected the Islamic State offensive. Then, once the jihadists abandoned their positions and start fleeing to Susah, they resumed pushing south. The Syrian fighters, in fact, in recent hours have reached the outskirts of Al-Abu Badran and Al-Ta’as. In addition, they drove the Daesh terrorists from Al-Rumaylan, taking full control of it. The International Coalition intervened providing them with close air support (CAS) and bombing the IS posts. Both in the Sha’Fah and in the Susah area. The bad weather at Deir Ezzor, moreover, should be over by night. Consequently, it is likely that the maneuvers will be accelerated in the coming days.

Jazeera Storm evacuates civilians fleeing from conflict areas with Daesh to Deir Ezzor and takes them to refugee camps in safe areas

While the two axes of Jazeera Storm push against Isis to Deir Ezzor, other units of the SDF are working to evacuate the local population from the clash zones. In the past few hours, the Arab-Kurdish forces have escorted hundreds of civilians fleeing from Sha’fah to the refugee camps in the Syrian province. They are above all women, children and the elderly (men usually remain in inhabited centers of origin), which will be treated and fed. At the same time, they will be checked to find out if any elements of the Islamic State is hidden between them. As soon as their cities are declared safe, after the clean up of Daesh devices and sleeping cells, they will be able to return to their homes. In the meantime, they will be hosted in various reception facilities, established in safe areas in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV).

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