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Syria, the SDF press Isis further south to Deir Ezzor and attack Abu Badran

The north axis of the SDF at Deir Ezzor attack Isis at Al Abu Badran. The southern one hits the Islamic State in Susah by surprise

The SDF attacked Isis in Al Abu Badran, near Al-Ulay’at. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops, after freeing the Sha’Fah district, are moving south of Deir ezzor. The Syrian fighters first drove out the Islamic State from the Wadi Ajaj settlement. Then, they targeted the village. At the moment there are clashes in the area, although the Daesh militia begin to move back to the southern area of ​​the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). In parallel, Arab-Kurdish forces launched a surprise offensive in Susah. Both with ground troops and with the air component and the artillery of the International Coalition. Meanwhile, the clean up of the IS bombs and the search for hidden deposits of weapons and ammunition, as well as tunnels used by the jihadists, continue in the liberated cities. These, which in theory were thought to have been used to strike the SDF, actually served the fundamentalists to escape.

Daesh in Syria from an army  becomes more and more guerrilla. Having no more significant offensive capabilities, it’s limited to attacking small units of Jazeera Storm

Meanwhile, Isis continues in Syria its transformation from army to guerrilla. In recent days there have been some attacks by Islamic State elements against the SDF in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. The jihadists targeted small units. Daesh knows that it no longer has the ability to strike major assets of Jazeera Storm, as the group is defeated militarily. Furthermore, most militia leaders died, escaped or were arrested by the enemy. As a result, it attempts low-scale actions against “easy” targets. The purpose is twofold: on one hand, revenge (above all the personal of those who attack). On the other, try to keep the internal propaganda alive. In fact, these kinds of actions are “paying” only among the affiliates of the group. Outside they have no hold, especially when compared to the constant defeats suffered by IS in the country.

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