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Syria, the SDF neutralize a pro-Turkey spies cell

The SDF neutralize a pro-Turkey spies cell. The group had been operating in north and east Syria for over a year, providing intelligence on the Kurdish forces to Ankara intelligence

The SDF have neutralized a Turkish spies cell, active in the north and east of the country. Kurdish special forces (HAT) have captured two women and a man, who had been operating in the Middle Eastern nation for over a year. The group, in fact, was responsible for the death of Susan Birhat, a member of the SDF Military Council, killed in a TAF air raid on August 19, 2021. The three agents had monitored his movements, communicating the coordinates to the Ankara intelligence, that planned the strike. No details were given on their current role, but it is likely that they were gathering information on Kurdish forces and their defenses in view of the announced Turkish offensive in Kurdistan, which is expected to be launched soon along the lines of Operation Peace Spring.

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