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Syria, the SDF move against Isis inside Bahrah

The SDF at Deir Ezzor enter Bahrah and throw out Isis from great part of the city

The SFF moved the offensive against Isis to Bahrah inside the city. The troops of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) entered the residential area and threw out the Daesh from great part of it. The militants, in fact, by now control a small portion and continue to retreat. Meanwhile, the US-led Coalition carried out several raids in the area, at Sousa and at Hajin, against posts of the Islamic State. The jihadists are caught between two fires and have no escape routes. In the field there are Syrian fighters manning the area and air fighters of Inherent Resolve patrolling the quadrant from the sky, ready to bomb any convoy of the IS – as has happened in the last days – trying to escape from the area of ​​operations. The future targets, planned for as soon as Bahrah has been definitely cleared, are Hajin and Sha’fa. To arrive at the end to the Iraqi border east of the Euphrates, in the far south of Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian army is getting ready to launch a maxi offensive against Isis west of the Euphrates

For Isis the situation is becoming complicated also for the western bank of the river. The Syrian army (SAA) at Salo’o (south east of Deir Ezzor) is receiving numerous reinforcements. The objective is to resume the offensive against Daesh in the area as well as in the desert of Hamad. The Islamic State, in fact, after having lost the pocket of resistance at Idlib, is, at this point, relegated in very few areas of the province. The groups, moreover, are isolated and with a very low morale. Perhaps both because of the scarcity of resources and because all the attempts of attack by surprise against the SAA have failed. Therefore they are weak and can offer a limited ability to resist. Just like their best weapons: car bombs (SBVIED), which they are widely using in the quadrant but are rapidly running out.

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