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Syria, the SDF launch the hunt for the Islamic State north of Deir Ezzor

The SDF launch the hunt for the Islamic State north of Deir Ezzor. Maneuvers underway with Inherent Resolve in Wadi al-Ajij. Objective: to neutralize the IS operative cells and their logistic network with Turkey

The SDF have launched an operation north of Deir Ezzor against Islamic State cells in the region on the border between Syria and Iraq. The maneuvers, which mainly involve the Wadi al-Ajij area, are supported by Inherent Resolve. Hundreds of members of the Arab-Kurdish forces from different units, also from Hasaka and Raqqa, participate. The goal is to crush the attempts of the IS jihadists to raise their heads in the quadrant. In addition, it aims to neutralize their logistics and support network with Turkey. In recent times, the militiamen have increased raids and attacks against local fighters, especially near the Euphrates. This, following the fact that the failure of the Syrian army (SAA) to counter terrorists in the west of the province has led to an increase in infiltrations across the river.

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