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Syria, the SDF launch a maxi operation against Isis cells across Deir Ezzor

The SDF have launched a maxi operation against Isis cells throughout Deir Ezzor. Blitz to capture the militants of the Islamic State from Marat to Abu Nitel

A massive SDF operation against ISIS cells is underway in the entire eastern area of ​​Deir Ezzor province. In recent hours, the special forces of Jazeera Storm, the HAT, have attacked the Islamic State in Marat, arresting a dozen militants. Another blitz occurred in al-Jamousiyyeh, west of Manbij, where other jihadists were captured including a high-level leader. Yesterday, Syrian fighters did the same to al-Shuhayl, al-Namliyyeh and Abu Nitel. Here the local population had reported the presence of Daesh members and the inhabitants themselves had intervened with weapons to drive them out. The objective of the maneuvers is to block fundamentalist attacks, including crop fires, and prevent infiltration from the Euphrates. As a result of this, in fact, the Arab-Kurdish troops have strengthened the vigilance over the whole Shaddadi Road, which borders the river.

In Raqqa, Jazeera Storm is looking for the Daesh group responsible for the attack on Al Naim Square. So far, seven jihadists and a leader have been arrested, but research continues

Also in Raqqa an SDF blitz against Isis has started. The area has been sealed and several searches are underway to find the elements of the Islamic State. So far seven have been arrested and a building used as headquarters has been dismantled, but Jazeera Storm’s research continues. Arab-Kurdish forces want to break the chain of attacks that is involving the former Daesh capital. In the last hours, in fact, there have been three explosions, caused by jihadist bombs, in as many areas of the Syrian city, which have caused several casualties among the local population. It seems, in fact, that the captured fundamentalists – including a Saudi commander – were part of the same cell as the suicide bomber, who blew himself up in Al Naim square on June 1st.

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