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Syria, the SDF kill dozens of Isis militiamen in Hajin in a single day

Syria, The SDF Kill Dozens Of Isis Militiamen In Hajin In A Single Day

The SDF kills dozens of Isis militiamen in a single day on the offensive in Hajin. The stronghold of the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor is under a harsh mass attack

Dozens of Isis militiamen killed on the first day of the SDF offensive in Hajin. Only 21 are those certified, to which are added all the jihadists eliminated at a distance or those whose bodies were taken away from their companions in the Syrian city. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops advanced several hundred meters on the outskirts of the stronghold in Deir Ezzor, forcing the Islamic State to move back to the inner areas. The Daesh terrorists, displaced by the surprise start of the maneuvers, sent out reconnaissance drones to study the movements of the Arab-Kurdish forces, but the unmanned aircrafts were shot down. The only elements that slowed the advance are the many improvised mines and IEDs, scattered throughout the quadrant, as well as snipers. The operation, however, continues to make progress, even in the evacuation of civilians from the hot areas.

Also the southern axis of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) advances. The Daesh defenses are collapsing

Meanwhile, the SDF offensive against Isis continues further south Deir Ezzor, in Masashidah and Safafinah. The jihadists tried several counter-attacks against the Arab-Kurdish forces, but they were rejected with losses. So much so that the southern axis of Operation Round Up advanced another kilometer in both Syrian locations. Furthermore, all the territory gained against the Islamic State has been fortified with six new installations. Now it is not long before the conquest of the two Daesh strongholds, as the defense of the jihadists are collapsing. These can no longer contain the offensive and fight in a disordered and uncoordinated way. To this it is added that, as expected, mass leaks are increasing. The defections, especially by the commanders, loosen even more the meshes of the defenses and further discourage the IS terrorists.

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