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Syria, the SDF: Isis infiltrates Deir Ezzor from the west thanks to an organization

The SDF to UN: Isis continues to infiltrate Deir Ezzor from the west thanks to an organization. Militants of the Islamic State cross the Euphrates without the Syrian army (SAA) hindering them

The ISIS militiamen continue to infiltrate Deir Ezzor, thanks to an organization that takes care of ferrying them through the Euphrates. Two letters of SDF to United Nations denounced it. The jihadists of the Islamic State pass through the territory of the province, controlled by the Syrian army (SAA), without encountering particular obstacles and then creep to the east to launch attacks against the population and Jazeera Storm’s forces. As a result, Arab-Kurdish fighters are forced to continued manhunts to prevent the escalation of violence in the region. The confirmation comes from the fact that in the last days Daesh has carried out several attacks in the quadrant. Almost all in places along the river: Ruwayshid, Dhiban, Darnaj, Tayyanah and Abu Hamam. A sign that the sector is permeable from the western side. According to local sources, the fundamentalists come from the desert of Badia al-Sham, the last safe haven for terrorists in the country.

Meanwhile, the SAA continues its offensive against HTS, Daesh and opponents in Hama and Idlib. For now the Syrian Army aims to definitively conquer the first province, then move north

Meanwhile, the SAA continues the offensive against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Isis and the opposition groups in Hama and Idlib. The maneuvers, at least for the moment, continue to see the air component as the protagonist. In fact, it is mainly the air raids that hit the posts of the Islamic State, of the formation close to Al Qaeda and of the rebels. The soldiers on the ground push to the sides in particular to Hama, of which Damascus tries to gain total control. The main objective, in fact, is to take Latamna, and then continue north. Even the SDF participate in the offensive, albeit indirectly. The forces are overseeing the north-western border of Kurdistan to prevent possible infiltration of Daesh or HTS militants. These, following the pressing of the enemy, are increasingly turning towards Turkey and there is the risk that they will try to escape to the east.

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