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Syria, the SDF invade the Isis tent city in Baghouz and gain ground

The SDF invade the Isis tent city in Baghouz and reject a counterattack by the Islamic State, which caused the death of the Italian volunteer Lorenzo Orsetti

The SDF entered the Isis tent city in Baghouz. The troops of Jazeera Storm, after the ultimatum for surrender expired, launched an offensive against the Islamic State at the camp, already conquering some posts and blowing up an ammunition depot. Violent clashes are ongoing in the area since several hours, but Syrian fighters are advancing slowly. The jihadists, in fact, are retreating into the network of tunnels that passes under the city and which has already been partially destroyed by the International Coalition. Furthermore, the Arab-Kurdish forces have rejected an attempted Daesh counterattack, which appears to have been the cause of the death of Italian Lorenzo Orsetti. The young man was in Syria as a volunteer to help the SDF against the terrorists and was participating in the last stages of the battle at Deir Ezzor.

Mass Daesh surrenders continue in Jazeera Storm. The remaining militants are increasing drug use to block hunger pangs and find the strength to fight

Meanwhile, ISIS mass surrenders continue in Baghouz. Even in the last hours several militia groups of the Islamic State soave up to the SDF. Many jihadists are injured and all are undernourished. In fact, Daesh in the area of ​​Deir Ezzor no longer has food. The fundamentalists first released their wives and children, to save the last few stocks. Then, however, these too are finished and they have been forced to feed on what they found, from waste to food for animals. The situation has led many to hoist the white flag. Those who remained had engaged in a struggle against their own companions to grab what was left or to protect it from others. The only alternative was to increase the already massive use of drugs, such as the Captagon (fenethylline or fighter’s drug), to soothe hunger pangs and find the strength to fight.

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