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Syria, the SDF in Baghouz close Isis in a strip of land along the Euphrates

Isis in Baghouz was crushed by the SDF in a small strip of land up to the Euphrates. Jazeera Storm has practically conquered the tent city of the Islamic State, despite the desperate tactics of the militia

Isis in Baghouz is crushed in a small strip of land in the tent city up to the Euphrates. Jazeera Storm troops yesterday launched a surprise attack on the camp, removing much of the land from Islamic State militants and literally closing them along the river. Daesh jihadists are using every trick they can to try to buy time. From using the last remaining families in the area as human shields to dress as women to carry out attacks or attempt escape. Their tactics, however, have no effect. The Syrian fighters, in fact, have in a short time conquered about 80% of the area, arresting hundreds of undernourished, sick or injured fundamentalists in the clashes. Only the last part of the territory remains to be cleaned up, as well as the tunnel network, and then the battle at Deir Ezzor will be officially won.

Deir Ezzor will be declared free only after Baghouz has been cleaned up. Meanwhile, the longest ever Daesh jihadist line surrenders

The SDF, before formalizing the victory against Isis in Baghouz and the end of the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor, want to be sure that there are no threats on the horizon. The forces of Jazeera Storm, in fact, immediately began to clean up the tent citiy and tunnels below to avoid the risk of attacks from behind, such as the one that caused the death of the Italian volunteer Lorenzo Orsetti. Numerous jihadists of the Islamic State have hidden themselves in the network of underground conduits to avoid capture. Many with a view to flee as soon as an opportunity arises. Others, instead, to hit Syrian fighters without being spotted in advance. Meanwhile, Daesh mass surrenders to Arab-Kurdish forces continue. In the last few hours, hundreds of militiamen gave up to the enemy, in what has been the definitive largest ever row of extremists who have thrown in the towel.

The longest ever line of Daesh elements surrendering to the SDF

Credits: Mohammed Hassan

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