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Syria, the SDF in Baghouz attack Isis on the Jahfa hill

The SDF and the Coalition continue the clean up of Deir Ezzor from the last ISIS militia. Jazeera Storm attacks a group of Islamic State elements on the hill of Jahfa and arrests a commander in Baghouz

The SDF and the Global Coalition close ranks to eliminate the last Isis militiamen in Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm’s troops and Inherent Resolve’s fighters attacked a group of Islamic State jihadists, who fled Baghouz and taken refuge on a hill in the area: Jahfa. Furthermore, the Syrian fighters are continuing the campaign of arrests against the terrorists leaders and workforce. The last to be stopped in time order is Daesh Commander Abu Suhaib Iraqi, along with five bodyguards. The man tried to move away from the area to head west, where there is still a pocket of IS fundamentalists. These, although closed in a small space in Badia Al-Sham, attacked the army of Damascus (SAA), inflicting several casualties on the soldiers.

In Iraq the maneuvers to eliminate the large Daesh pocket between Anbar and Nineveh begin. The ISF advance on the ground and Inherent Resolve bombards from the sky

Even in Iraq the situation gets even worse for Isis. The Baghdad army (ISF) and the Coalition just started a massive offensive to eliminate the Islamic State militants, who have taken refuge in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) between the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh. First intervened the fighters of Inherent Resolve, carrying out targeted raids on the jihadists. Then, the local anti-terrorist forces moved, beginning to advance in the quadrant. These, however, have already destroyed the Daesh headquarters in the Hadr desert. In the area, however, there are thousands of fundamentalists who fled the battlefields of the country and neighboring Syria. It seems that these, also thanks to the funds they have stolen from their comrades, are trying to reorganize the group and start a new campaign. This is confirmed by the recent increase in attacks in the Middle Eastern nation. Therefore, it is essential to neutralize them as soon as possible.

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