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Syria, the SDF hunt on ISIS cells at Deir Ezzor works

The SDF hunt for Isis cells in Deir Ezzor works. Attacks by the Islamic State, which increasingly focuses on IEDs, have decreased by 30%

The SDF hunt on ISIS cells at Deir Ezzor works. According to the latest figures, thanks to the Jazeera Storm operation, attacks by the Islamic State in the Syrian province have decreased by 30%. In all, 85 militia groups, against the 139 of the previous month, have hit Arab-Kurdish forces or the population. Moreover, even the modus operandi of Daesh has changed. In June the protagonists were the attacks with explosives and the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) with 31 episodes. The ambushes and blitzes, on the other hand, were 25. This confirms that the jihadists, despite periodic infiltrations from the west, have fewer men to waste for attempted actions. As a result, they are forced to switch to pure guerrilla tactics: ranged attacks. Just as it happened with the anti-government guerrilla in Iraq after 2003.

Jazeera Storm targets the Daesh logistics and financing network. An arms dealer has been arrested near Hasakah, while the “economic mind” of the group looses his life in Al-Soar

Moreover, the SDF in Deir Ezzor and in the East of Syria do not target ISIS cells only. But also their supporters and the networks they rely on to re-supply and survive. In fact, in the past few hours in Tounia (northeast of Hasakah), Jazeera Storm has arrested an arms dealer who supplied the Islamic State and some militias. In parallel, the Arab-Kurdish forces killed “Thabet”, one of the most important Daesh elements in the Al-Soar area. The man, who died during a firefight in which soldiers tried to capture him, was one of the main IS funders in the quadrant. He also smuggled oil for the group and was considered its “economic mind”. The objective of these operations is to isolate the terrorists from every point of view. Primarily that of logistics. In this way their operational capacity and survival will be severely penalized.

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