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Syria, the SDF hunt down Isis killers in the east of the country

New offensive by the SDF and Inherent Resolve against the Isis killers in Eastern Syria

New SDF offensive against Isis killer cells in Eastern Syria. Kurdish forces captured three militiamen in Tayyeb al-Faall, north of Deir Ezzor, in a raid that was also attended by Inherent Resolve, which provided Close Air Support (CAS). In recent days, however, an IS emir was arrested in Hasaka. He seems to have been one of the coordinators of the campaign of targeted killings of tribal leaders and high personalities, which the jihadists recently resumed. In fact, several cell phones, memory cards and documents were seized in the operation, confirming the man’s ties with the leadership of the Islamic State in the Middle Eastern country. Furthermore, it was found that he was organizing assassinations of SDF commanders.

The maneuvers were necessary because there was a dangerous increase in casualties among military leaders and commanders, shot to death by commando on motorcycles

The offensive against Isis in Eastern Syria was made necessary as targeted killings (attempted or successful) by unknown persons throughout the quadrant increased. The last one involved the commander of the SDF, Abu Hteish, in Jadeed Ekedat ((East of Deir Ezzor), who survived the attack. The Kurdish military, however, had already been targeted recently by the IS jihadists, who had failed even then. The technique is always the same: a commando with two or three men aboard motorcycles suddenly swoops over the target and immediately flees and disperses. Objective: to slow down the enemy, which in recent times has multiplied operations against the terrorists, and undermine their credibility with the local population, fueling chaos and protests among the tribes for the perceived sense of insecurity.

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