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Syria, the SDF hunt down Isis in the Baghouz tunnels with a map

An SDF operation is underway to eliminate ISIS militiamen hidden in the Baghouz tunnels. The jihadists of the Islamic State are hunted underground thanks to a constantly updated map

Isis in Baghouz is losing also the last battle against the SDF, the one inside the tunnels. Jazeera Storm troops have launched a massive manhunt in the underground of Deir Ezzor province, which has led to the capture of some fifty jihadists of the Islamic State and the death of many others. The operation started thanks to a series of intelligence information and the confessions of the militia, which allowed the syrian fighters to draw a map on which there are numerous accesses. As a result, several maneuvers have been planned and the same map is constantly updated with the latest discoveries of the Arab-Kurd forces. In some cases, the International Coalition also intervened with targeted air raids. In others, the international partners of the SDF like the mysterious group of Sand Hippos.

Jazeera Storm troops, when they entered the tunnels, found a similar situation of Tal Afar. The Daesh exponents inside, besides being undernourished and hungry, are sick with scabies

Moreover, when the SDF ventured into the tunnels, they found a similar situation to that of Tal Afar in Iraq, when the ISIS militiamen took refuge in the underground to escape from the enemy. Several elements of the Islamic State, besides being undernourished and wounded, are sick with scabies. This for two reasons: the first is the poor hygienic conditions and the second is the low exposure to the sun by Daesh jihadists in Deir Ezzor. But, unlike what happened in the neighboring country, the IS fundamentalists do not have permethrin. Therefore, they cannot be cured. The only “alternative” solution adopted by some was to emerge on the surface to expose clothes and fabrics for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. This practice, however, has made them more identifiable by Inherent Resolve’s ISR devices, which eliminated them. As a result, many have given up. Others, however, have remained underground.

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