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Syria, the SDF hit again the ISIS support network at Deir Ezzor

New SDF operation against the ISIS support network at Deir Ezzor. Three facilitators captured in Busayrah

New SDF operation against Isis sleeper cells at Deir Ezzor. Kurdish forces, in cooperation with Inherent Resolve, raided the past few hours in Busayrah, capturing at least three jihadists. Even if there are no official confirmations, it seems to be high-level elements of the facilitators network operating in the region. The city, along with Shahil and Dhiban, in fact, for the militants of the Islamic State is the main access point to the east of Syria along the Euphrates. Furthermore, in the area there is a large Daesh support network, which hides the newly arrived terrorists and organizes their transfers. It is no coincidence that the local fighters and the International Coalition have long been carrying out targeted maneuvers, in order to neutralize it. The latter took place in Al Hawayej, Al Hureijiya and Hawaij.

Meanwhile, Russia is on the M4 and on the border between Syria and Turkey along with the SAA. The Kurds, on the other hand, will continue to hunt down Daesh from Hasaka to Abu Kamal

Meanwhile, the geographical map of the international presence in the north and east of Syria has evolved, following the truce between the SDF and Turkey. Russia has confirmed that it will deploy troops on the M4 Aleppo-Hasaka road, a fundamental artery that will in fact be the definitive embankment of the Ankara offensive. It will also have observation points near the border between the two countries, where the army of Damascus (SAA) will also be deployed. Especially to Ain Issa. Finally, the Kurdish forces and Inherent Resolve will continue the hunt for Isis from Hasaka to Abu Kamal, on the border with Iraq. Their task is twofold: on the one hand protecting critical infrastructures such as prisons and oil installations from attacks by the Islamic State. On the other hand, dismantle the Daesh cells, striking them in the heart: destroying its logistic and financial support networks.

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