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Syria, the SDF have completely freed the province of Hasakah from Isis

In Syria the province of Hasakah has been freed from Isis. The SDF are pushing to attack the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor in the MERV and at Hajin

In Syria the SDF have completely freed from Isis the province of Hasakah, right up to the border with Iraq. The Arab-Kurdish forces in the area now will be in charge of clearing the territory from the mines and explosive remnants of the Islamic State, to reopen the roads and to help the local population. The war against Daesh is now moving to Deir Ezzor in the last two pockets of resistance of the militiamen. One is in full Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) in the east and the other in the south between Hajin and Harse. First the one in the eastern and then the one in the southern area will be neutralized. It will be here that the jihadists will fight the final battle for their survival in the east of the Euphrates river in the Syrian province. Moreover, at Hajin there has been a new launch of leaflets, announcing to the population the imminent offensive against the fundamentalists of the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm).

The Syrian army (SAA) chases the Islamic State from the suburbs of Abu Kamal and presses it at Suweida. Meanwhile the southern borders with Iraq are armored against massive escapes of the jihadists

Also the Syrian army (SAA) is advancing against Isis. Both at Deir Ezzor and Suweida, where there is another large group of militiamen. In the first province, the soldiers of Damascus attack Daesh placements in the south, near Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) and at Al-Masdar. This should prevent the jihadists to attack again the offensive lines of the SAA in the city, as their area of influence was reduced significantly. In the second, the militaries move towards the centre of the area controlled by the fondamentalista. Meanwhile, the quadrant of Al-Tanf and other accesses along the border between Syria and Iraq are armored. There are fears that in fact, as the operations of the SDF and of Damascus are in progress, there could be attempts to escape in mass towards the neighboring country. The only chance the terrorists have to leave the middle eastern country, as by now they are trapped.

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