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Syria, the SDF free from Isis the entire Sha’Fah district at Deir Ezzor

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have expelled Isis from all the Sha’fah district. Jazeera Storm is closing the Islamic State in Susah, where it will probably fight the final battle for the control of the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV)

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have expelled Isis from all the Sha’fah district. The troops of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), just after the rains and the fog that the Islamic State has exploited in vain for a counterattack attempt in the area, have started to advance quickly gaining ground. Daesh militiamen have left their positions, fleeing south to Susah. This is in fact the last great stronghold controlled by the jihadists in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) and it will probably be here that they will fight their final battle for survival in the Syrian province. In fact, the two axes of the Arab-Kurdish forces are converging there. Closing the circle on the fundamentalists patiently and in a capillary way. The goal is not just to defeat IS. But also to avoid that in the future it could regroup and try new offensives in the area.

The manhunt to the fugitives Daesh in the Syrian province continues. Other eight foreign fighters arrested by SDF

The SDF have set up special teams that deal with neutralizing dormant cells and fugitive Isis jihadists. In the last hours, in fact, they captured eight foreign fighters from the Islamic State, who were hiding in the area in Deir Ezzor. These are added to the other five taken at the beginning of the year by Jazeera Storm, while trying to blend in with the population of the Syrian province for not being recognized. But it was the local inhabitants who allowed arab-kurdis forces to identify and capture them. Daesh is no longer scared in MERV. What prevails today is the spirit of revenge against the jihadists. It is therefore likely that in the near future there will be new operations and arrests. This is because, with the progress of Operation Round Up, mass escapes are increasing between the IS ranks. Above all foreign fighters, who are trying to get back home by not having local support to disappear.

The SDF video of the Jazeera Storm last progress in Deir Ezzor


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