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Syria, the SDF foil a new Isis attack on Deir Ezzor

The SDF foiled a new Isis attack on Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm dismantles an Islamic State cell in the village of Kashkaiyeh before it can strike

New Isis attack foiled by the SDF at Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm arrested four members of an Islamic State cell in Kashkaiyeh village. These were preparing to carry out an attack on the population in the area. It seems, however, was directed against children but no further details were provided. The group was identified thanks to the report of the local inhabitants, who communicated to the Arab-Kurd forces the presence of suspects in the quadrant of the Syrian province. Following this, intelligence operations were first carried out to identify all members of the commando. Then, when the jihadists were preparing to strike, the fighters intervened capturing them. At the end of the operation there was a search that led to the discovery of weapons, ammunition, explosives and some documents judged to be of interest by the intelligence.

The inhabitants of the area have always fought Daesh, even when the group dominated the East of Syria

For Isis Kashkaiyeh it has always been a problem area in Deir Ezzor. Even when the Islamic State controlled all of eastern Syria. No coincidence that the village in recent years has been the scene of violent clashes for Daesh. First against the local tribal militias and then against the SDF. Furthermore, a mass grave with the remains of over 230 people, killed by militiamen, was discovered in its vicinity. The population, unlike other areas of the province, has never accepted the IS domain and has always fought the group. Furthermore, once this was defeated, the local inhabitants cooperated on several occasions with Jazeera Storm to identify hidden cells or infrastructures used by terrorists. Just as happened on this last occasion.

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