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Syria, the SDF find one of the largest ISIS arms depots in Hasaka

The SDF find one of the largest ISIS arms depots in Hasaka. The jihadists of the Islamic State had hidden it on a farm in Tal-Hamis. It was supposed to be used to attack the Al-Hol camp en masse

The SDF have found in the area of ​​Tal-Hamis (Hasaka) one of the largest deposits of arms, ammunition and explosives ever owned by the Islamic State in the area. They found it thanks to extensive intelligence work, which also involved interrogations of pro-ISIS jihadists arrested in Al-Hol as part of Operation Humanity & Security 2. The “treasure” was hidden inside a farm in the village of Qirewan and was supposed to be used for a massive attack on Al-Hol camp, along the lines of the failed Al-Sina (Ghweiran) prison. However, the operation was thwarted by Kurdish forces and Inherent Resolve, that captured numerous members of the cells involved. The seizure of the past few hours is a very hard blow for IS throughout Eastern Syria. In fact, it takes away from the group much of its operational capacity, which is unlikely to be restored in a short time. The militiamen, however, will have to take further precautions to try to regain what is lost without being detected and tracked by the enemies.

Photo Credits: SDF



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