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Syria, the SDF fight Isis in all the cities south of Deir Ezzor

The SDF south Deir Ezzor up entered all the cities still in the hands of Isis. From Hajin to Susah, passing through Safafinah and Marashidah. The Islamic State everywhere withdraws towards the most central districts of the strongholds

The SDF south of Deir Ezzor have entered all the cities still in the hands of Isis. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops managed to reach the outskirts of all the strongholds of the Islamic State in the Syrian province, rejecting counterattack attempts and forcing the jihadists to fall back to the most central areas. In Hajin they are tightening the circle against Daesh from the north; in Susah they arrived from the east in the outermost part of the town. Instead, in Safafinah and Marashidah they control several neighborhoods and are eliminating the last pockets of militiamen, still barricaded in the buildings. The goal is to clear the area as soon as possible to open the south axis of the offensive in Susah, conquering the main road. This will also open a new humanitarian corridor in the southern direction, which will allow civilians to be evacuated quickly and safely.

The Syrian army (SAA) kicks out all irregular militias of Deir Ezzor and of the cities to the west of the Euphrates. Damascus seeks to avoid internal clashes with Russian soldiers, committed to blocking Daesh

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) west of the Euphrates has issued orders to leave Deir Ezzor for all non-regular forces. This following the arrival of the Russian military in the region. Damascus fears that there may be unforeseen clutches or internal clashes. The troops of Moscow, also deployed in Mayadeen and Abu Kamal, will have to prevent any attack by Isis in the area, as well as attempts by the jihadists to flee to the West by passing the river. The intensification of the maneuvers of the SDF against the Islamic State has in fact determined an increase in mass defections and yields. In the first case, the militiamen point either towards Iraq or the Badia desert, on the border with the province of Homs, where there is a large group of Daesh elements. In the second, they are handed over to Arab-Kurdish fighters, as their treatment of prisoners is considered better than the one by Syrian soldiers.

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