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Syria, the SDF enter Susah and attack Isis in Al-Ulay’at

The SDF descend further south to Deir Ezzor, entering Susah and attacking Isis at Al-Ulay’at. Little is left to the last stronghold of the Islamic State. Here the final battle for MERV will be fought

The SDF at Deir Ezzor attacked Isis at Al-Ulay’at. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops, after having driven the Islamic State from Sha’Fah, entered the Susah district and launched a mass offensive against the jihadists. In addition, they tightened the pressure on the Daesh stronghold, both with actions on the ground and with the air strikes of the International Coalition. It seems that even the Syrian army (SAA) has hit the city with artillery, but there are no official confirmations. It will be here, however, that the militiamen will fight their final battle for survival in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). The confirmation comes from the fact that all IS units fleeing from the north and south are gathering in the area. In addition, the evacuations of civilians from the hot areas of the province continue. Over 600 have been saved in the last hours.

At the same time, the fugitive Daesh to Deir Ezzor continues. The SDF capture other foreign fighters and find weapons factories

Meanwhile, the SDF continue to deir Ezzor the hunt for fleeing Isis militants and their depots of weapons and ammunition. On the first side, Syrian fighters have arrested several foreign fighters. Among them a Turk, two Russians, one Afghan and the ethiopian (Canadian national) Mohammed Abdullah. Everyone had left the battlefields, abandoning their comrades and hiding, hoping to go unnoticed. On the second, instead, the Syrian fighters have discovered in Sha’Fah some mortar factories of the Islamic State, as well as machine guns and artillery rocket launchers, manufactured by the jihadists. The search for the Daesh tunnels also continues, especially in Hajin. These were used by the fundamentalists to move, avoiding being hit by enemy attacks, and to leave the area unseen.

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