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Syria, the SDF dismantle an Islamic State cell in Al-Hol


The SDF dismantle an Islamic State cell in Al-Hol. At least 23 pro-ISIS jihadists captured. They planned attacks in the camp and surrounding districts. The raid is the result of a two-month intelligence operation

The SDF carried out a surprise raid in the Al-Hol camp to dismantle an Islamic State cell inside it. Kurdish forces arrested at least 23 people, believed to be members of the pro-ISIS network operating in and around the prison. The group, however, planned a series of attacks in the quadrant, starting with Tel Brak. The raid was the result of an intelligence operation, which lasted two months, in which the jihadists were closely monitored as they forcibly imposed their “law” and organized to extend their influence. Only in April, in fact, seven civilians were killed in Al-Hol, including some women, who had not yielded to the terrorists or who obstructed their operation. The SDF raid is part of a larger, still ongoing effort to neutralize IS in eastern Syria, also thanks to the collaboration of captured fundamentalists.

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